Clarke Quay

The neon color reflections in the Singapore river at Clarke Quay are insane. I'll have to go back and film with my 'good' video camera. Meanwhile, my ipod captured two barges passing and the dance of light and color that ensued.

Clay Lamps

Tiny clay vessels used for oil lamps, called Diyas or Dipas, in Little India Singapore.

Tropical Color Fields

There's a recurring modern tropical aesthetic, of grubby plastic, scratched aluminum and eroded paint that sometimes makes quite painterly combinations, like something out of the Color Field movement. The erosison and decay of the bright colors making them more interesting.

Paper Color

I had in mind the color of old school exercise books- the ones that weren't kraft paper colored, but a blue/gray/green color. It hovers between eau de nil and duck egg blue and grayed by time. When I visited the exhibition about the golden age of Singapore Cinema at the Singapore Art Museum, I was reminded that these colors were also the color of old cinema tickets which I photographed and became the resource that helped to develop the background 'paper' image for this site.

Indigenous Jewellery

At the National Museum Kuala Lumpur

Batik Sarongs

My growing collection of batik sarongs bought from the supermarket.

Weekend in Malacca

First night on Jonkers St, way too noisy. Moved to Sama Sama guesthouse.  Very basic, but lovely courtyard and nice staff. Forgot to tuck in my mosquito net the first night and paid the price. More photos here

Hometown Colors

mattress shop The old part of Johor Bahru. Run down, dillapidated. The  odd Rothokoesque color fields of the painted buidings unique to this region, unappreciated. 
While many are shuttered, there are still businesses that still cling on, tailors, bakers, mattress makers and a handful of cool kids trying to recolonize the neighborhood with clothing stores and hangout joints. The shop where I bought my school supplies back in the day is still there.

Goodbye New York

Nineteen years later. Going home.


Departing:New York(JFK - John F Kennedy Intl Terminal 4) on Mon, 10 May 2010, 2125 hrs
Arriving:Frankfurt(FRA - Rhein Main) on Tue, 11 May 2010, 1115 hrs
Flight:SQ25 (B747-400) Economy Class
Departing:Frankfurt(FRA - Rhein Main) on Tue, 11 May 2010, 1235 hrs
Arriving:Singapore(SIN - Changi Intl) on Wed, 12 May 2010, 0630 hrs
Flight:SQ25 (B747-400) Economy Class